CityChurch serves church leaders and pastors in many Brazilian cities where churches struggle to reach thousands living in favelas (slums) and urban jungles. CityChurch Leadership Training has become a vital part for both the Willow Creek Association (Brazil) and many independent Brazilian churches who continue to express overwhelming gratitude for help and direction in becoming churches that truly reach hurting people.




Liberia is an impoverished nation in West Africa still recovering from a brutal 13-year civil war.  In 2008, pastors from CityChurch along with other non-profit leaders decided to establish an organization to bring holistic health to the people of Liberia one community at a time.  Since 2009, Liberia Now has identified five key areas where we can make a difference: education, healthcare, economic development, infrastructure and spiritual renewal.  In education, Liberia Now provides scholarships so poor children can attend school, is building a new school to serve the poor and has provided tens of thousands of books for schools along with teacher and librarian training . In economic development, we have provided micro-loans to help poor families start small businesses that break them from the cycle of poverty.  In infrastructure, a CityChurch member has created an intricate system to provide new and repaired water wells for over 7,700 people.  In the area of spiritual renewal, Liberia Now has provided training for nearly 300 pastors so they can impact their communities as catalysts of spiritual change.




Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe and is a transit and destination country for human trafficking. Children forced to leave orphanages at the age of 16 are often left to fend for themselves with little education, no job skills, and without a family support system. Girls often fall prey to men who lure them into an evil network of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Unbelievable? There are more slaves today than at any time in human history. Your contribution helps our friends at CERI (Children’s Emergency Relief International) create housing and training for those who might otherwise fall into the hands of sexual predators or end up back on the streets.




Since 1999, CityChurch has supported Casa Hogar, an orphanage located on the outskirts of Chihuahua City in Mexico.  Many of these children have been abandoned and would be living on the streets if not for this important ministry. CityChurch helps Fidel and Marianita, the orphanage founders, by providing food, clothing, medical supplies, facility construction and maintenance for the ministry. After learning of a time when these children had little or nothing to eat, CityChurch stepped in and committed to Fidel and Marianita that these precious children would NEVER go without food again. You make this possible through our Beautiful Feet social action.




It is VERY cold. Accommodations are primitive. The food is basic. But the hearts of Russian pastors are warm and their minds are hungry to learn church leadership principles. Over the past several years, CityChurch has done extensive training for Russian pastors with the primary objective of establishing flagship churches in strategic regions of the country.  This is necessary for churches to prevail in Russia. Your support not only helps with this objective, but has also created opportunity for Russian pastors to experience new things. Often the comment is made that what the CityChurch team brings to Russia is different than anything they have ever experienced.


Sammy Tippit Ministries

CityChurch has supported Sammy Tippit Ministries (STM) since 2002 as it spreads the message about Christ to some of the most difficult areas of the world including: Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, China and Africa.  STM uses the latest in technology to present Christ to those who don’t know about him and to serve Christian churches in challenging places.  STM works with the indigenous churches to organize evangelistic meetings so the coordinated effort provides maximum impact.  STM translates and publishes Christian books for these churches.  It also produces, translates and broadcasts live teachings and training sessions.